May 20, 2016

Fly my pretty: a performance set list

This is a recent set list I just found in my phone notes. I know many of you reading this won't have seen me live. And be honest, this set list probably won't make things any clearer.

I performed this (possibly in a different order due to last minute edits) at Verbalise in Kendal.

My favourite bit was "fly my pretty", which was me throwing a bird cartoon into the air, which then, of course, didn't fly.

Anyhoo, if you want to see more nonsense from me, come to my live Hey Fat Roland podcast recording on Sunday.

Set list notes:
Paper dropping 
Surprise egg
Generic story
Fly my pretty
Larry is a leg 
Estate agent 
More eggs
And now some poetry
A limerick
A few more eggs
Tentacle confusion
Further eggs
Jumanji elephants 
Creepy Geoff

Photo: Dominic Simpson

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