May 30, 2016

Is Plaid's new album The Digging Remedy any good?

All weekend, I've been listening to the new Plaid album The Digging Remedy. Is it any good? I'm listening for an Electronic Sound review, so I'm keen to avoid spoilers here. Although I did tweet...

...and I have played it a lot. An awful lot. Like, properly loads of times. If anyone any tries to speak to me, I stick a ghetto blaster in their face and blare the entire album at them until they either fall over or dance. I have Plaid pouring out of my mouth: I have replaced entire sentences with beatbox versions of Plaid's twitchy beats.

So yes, it's good. In fact, preorder it from Bleep now. How does it compare to previous albums? I'm saving that for the review, although if you follow me on Twitter, I may bang on about it a lot when the album comes out. In the meantime, watch the above Christopher Arcella-directed video for the moody album opener Do Matter.

Further Fats: Store Street blues: waddling with the scrotes, the clubbers and the tokers (includes an alarming incident at a Plaid gig) (2007)

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