May 2, 2016

Radio Skotvoid's Ikea Crimejazz and a flashback to 1992

My favourite kind of envelope is one with "Fat Roland" on. The lettering really complements the autumnal brown.

This particular package was mailed to me from US skweee-merchants Radio Skotvoid because I happen to like the way they twiddle their knobs. They sent me their Ikea Crimejazz 7" singles full of scuzzed bleeps and low-slung funk.

I also got a glowing green cassette of echoing interplanetary soundtrackism by On Solar Winds. And a badge. A flipping badge!

Thank you, Skotchums, for sending me stuff. It pleases my ears.

As I clutched the vinyl and cassette possessively like a hipster gollum, it reminded me of the time I bought Faith No More's Angel Dust on record, with its majestic beautiful gatefold sleeve design, alongside a cassette tape of The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. The two formats were my world back then. It must have been 1992. I played that Orb album to death on my walkman. Although that leads me to wonder: back in 1992 did I really (a) still have a cassette walkman and (b) not yet have a CD player? Really?

Anyhoo, here comes Roland's Revenge from Ikea Crimejazz Vol 2. It's lovely to see the 8-bit aesthetic used with such attitude - and that vocal sample kills.

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