May 1, 2005


Oh yes, it was just meant to be a quick drink with Kol & Dudie...

(Respectable rating: 9.5)

...but then came the fateful decision to abscond from Manto's, thanks in no small part to the bar having all the atmosphere of a puddle.

(Respectable rating: 8.4)

Bar-hopping on Canal Street is addictive; once you hop, you can't stop. So Via Fossa it was. I caught up another brace of chums - Rob and Howard, two people I have known since before Mel & Kim were in. We spent our evening talking about politics, suspiciously amiable Indian guys trying to chat me up ("My name is Gudpa, do you want a lager?") and the amusing Eddie Izzard lookalike we saw near the bar.

(Respectable rating: 6.5)

A quick stop via McTucky's, then off to Eden across the canal for more drinks with Kol & Dudie. The trannie DJ was bad, the music even worse, but hey the drink was nice, the company lovely, the eye candy was eye candy, and the tables were... well, just waiting to be danced upon.

(Respectable rating: 0.1)

I ain't never gonna be respectable.

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Anonymous said...

You just made my day. *laughs* ~Katie (the young 'n from Sanctus 1)