Jul 9, 2005

Bromley and the aloofness of Dracula

In its infinite wisdom, Bromley council is refusing to host ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples wishing to have civil partnerships. The borough's mayor has waffled on about undermining families, which sounds like someone digging for oil under grandpa.

Bromley is a Conservative-run council, so it's a good job Michael Howard has stepped in to make them see sense. Oh... except... ah, of course, this is the Michael Howard who hates gypsies and asylum seekers and Arabs. I think that last one is Kilroy. They are the same person anyway, the only difference being that one sucks your blood and the other one just sucks. Did you ever watch Kilroy? Fill a room with mindless idiots and speak slowly to them. No wonder he wanted to lead Veritas; he had plenty of practice for that sort of thing on the tellybox.

Bromley Council has given a resounding V-sign to its lesbian and gay couples. The ever supportive Howard says councils should be able to stick their fingers up gay people... er, I mean, up AT gay people if they so wish. "They are responsible to their electors for their decisions," says the undead one. Well, fang you very much, you aloof loon.

In the same way that the Deep South does not represent the rest of the USA, I am sure Bromley's Victorian opinions are not a reflection on Londoners as a whole. On a more northerly note, I hope the Tories get absolutely stuffed silly in Cheadle on July 14th.


Sarah said...

But surely if it's the law...? I'm going to petition Manchester City Council to make cheese illegal. And also paramedics working night shifts. I feel it undermines my family. And children. Because they're noisy.

Also I'm going to ask for it to be illegal to vote for conservaties. I think people should have the right to do so technically but it undermines many values that we as a country value.

Goodness, when I'm prime minister...

Sarah said...

Kennedy praises 'tremendous win'

Mr Hunter (right) won with a majority of 3657
Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy is celebrating in Cheadle after his party fought off a Tory challenge and held the seat at a by-election.
The election was triggered by the death of Lib Dem MP Patsy Calton from cancer shortly after May's general election.

Mark Hunter held the Greater Manchester seat for the Lib Dems with 19,953 votes, a 3,657 majority over Tory candidate Stephen Day, who came second.

Mr Kennedy said: "This is a first class victory for the Liberal Democrats."

Mark Hunter (Lib Dem) 19,593 (52.15%, +3.27%)
Stephen Day (Tory) 15,936 (42.42%, +2.01%)
Martin Miller (Labour) 1,739 (4.63%, -4.16%)
Leslie Leggett (Veritas) 218 (0.58%)
John Allman (Alliance for Change - Suffering Little Children) 81 (0.22%)

Labour's Martin Miller came third with 1,739 votes but lost his £500 deposit.

The swing was 0.63% from Conservatives to Liberal Democrats.

Mr Kennedy was met by Lib Dem supporters bearing banners and balloons as he visited Cheadle on Friday morning.

He said: "What was really tremendous about this result was not just that the government lost its deposit, sweet though that was...

"It was the fact that weeks after the general [election]...we actually got a swing to the Liberal Democrats."


Fat Roland said...

Who pays for that Labour guy's lost deposit? The Labour party? Surely he wouldn't expect to stump up the cash himself.