Jul 6, 2005

Oooh...klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

Do come along at 7.30pm on Sunday July 10th to aLECTRO_eCOUSTIC's jolly event at the Oklahoma café/gallery (the trendy shop / cafe / record store in Manchester's Northern Quarter).

The event promises, and I quote, "axiomatic integration and GradCom (two electronica solos from Hamburg with films".

Also, feast your lobes on Lee Patterson and Ben Gwilliam ("The duet of Patterson & Gwilliam construct evolving soundscapes and textures with prepared objects and found sounds both of the acoustic and electronic"), Christian weaver ("timbales, mixture of improvising and cuban songs") and Joe Williamson, a double-bassifier from Canada.

They've also got films from Monica Bellachichi.

Yes, okay, it means absolutely nothing to me either, but it's better than punching a penguin in the face with a flannel. I'm already there.


Fat Roland said...

Thanks to one and all who came to Oklahomah with me. Sorry that half of you clearly hated it.

Axiomatic Integration was damn brilliant; the best of the night. She matched abstract images of weird shapes and urban concrete with the most beautiful yet slightly disturbing electronica.

Christian Weaver was another highlight. To turn up to a gig without your instruments and make a whole set out of two boxes and a cow bell was very impressive. He was uttertly hypnotic.

Sarah said...

I think 'clearly hated' is a bit extreme. Puzzled and confused, yes. And I liked the builders. Though that seemed a bit too normal to be in with the rest of it. Unless I missed the point of that too.