Jul 19, 2005

Insanity Prawn Boy

The interwebular cyberspaceway is chocked to puking with clever-as-a-hat cartoons and animations that make your Wow! bone quiver with undulating curiosity. But nothing, nil, zero, nooba is greater than Insanity Prawn Boy. With his sublime catchyphrases such as "hello" and "that is right" and "even that Nazi Moon-Base?", the pink comma-like sea creature is probably the best thing that has happened to computers since The Outstanding Potato Man, Burnt Face Man, or dare I suggestion-box this, the ludicrously manic Notepad Invaders. Which isn't a Man, but it is too fun not to mention here. Click on here to take you to Weebl and Bob's Insanity Prawn Boy and his friend The Toast King.

2021 update: some or maybe all these links are now broken because, well, time

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