Nov 6, 2005

Intolerant pleb

A blogger called Rambix [blog since deleted] has just posted that "Muslim riot" returns 27,100 hits on Google, this apparently being a sign of it being a violent religion.

This made me wonder. I twiddled my mouse in cyberland and to my vague curiousment I find that "Muslim peace" returns a hit rate of 28,200.

I have posted to this effect on his blog. Aren't intolerant plebs fun to tease?


Sarah said...

However, as a social scientist, I find this fascinating. Is it possible to demonstrate what society as a whole thinks about things just using Google response rates? Or could this be somehow developed as an analytical tool?

I put my name into Google and got the following result:
Results 1 - 10 of about 5,690,000 for Sarah Stuart. (0.29 seconds)

Which proves that I exist, I suppose. And am VERY VERY popular...

Fat Roland said...

You actually have to put your name into quotes, ie "Sarah Stuart", which narrows you down to about 10,000.

"Fat Roland" only has 1,200 while "Eyan Carrington" has just 3.