Jul 15, 2007

No apologies just vague ideas, buffalistic non-sequiturs and a cool video for Italian plumber fans

Ever since spaceship Roland landed on the blogosphere two and a half years ago, I have avoided those tiresome apologetic posts which go something like this:

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, I really should blog more, I mean I only set this thing up because I wanted to comment on Shazney's post about afterbirth and dieting, so anyway I've been soooo busy what with downloading porn and getting addicted to Facebook blaaaaah...

Suffice to say the Facebook bit is possibly true, but otherwise I have been run over by a buffalo of lethargy when I'm not dying inside on my increasingly long commutes to work. And you know when I use a strange buffalo metaphor, I must be serious.

I think I need to reassess my priorities. It seems just to be work, work, work right now, which is silly because my staff are lovely, it isn't exactly rocket science, and cool things happen most days. But I think I am falling victim to A General Malaise, which is usually a sign I am not spending enough time doing the things I really like doing, or seeing the people I really like seeing.

Jeez, this is turning into the Big Brother diary room. On the positive side, I am playing a one hour DJ set in Cheltenham in August, I will be presenting several shows on Greenbelt FM, and as a third string to my crossbow, I have spent some time recently writing funny things in a wild and wacky notion that I would quite like to try out a bit of stand-up comedy.

That last idea is based on the notion that (a) I am essentially an egotist and a show-off; (b) I get a huge kick out of making people laugh; (c) my imagination tends to run riot and I have spent the last year capturing it all in notebooks; (d) sometimes when I see a stand-up comic, I think I can do better, which brings us full circle to (a).

Anyhoo. Here is a clever party trick, using high voltage sparks to trigger sounds. Extra points for spotting the Nintendo tune. (Clue: it's quite easy to spot.)


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...


I was hoping for Super Mario Bros...

Fat Roland said...

According to the comments on the Youtube video, the Mario theme comes just before the Tetris theme.

I was more of a ZX Spectrum man mesself.