Sep 23, 2007

mpSunday: Mouse On Mars' Do It

Mouse On Mars' Jan St Werner

So many chaffinches to tar, so little time.

In between abusing small creatures, I like to make a few tweaks to my Fatblog. So I've put all the photos from the right hand column into a metal bin and burned them (along with a baby budgie) because they were adding nothing of value just sitting there for months comtemplating their digital naval.

Instead, I have nailed a blogroll onto the side of this page (using bunnies as hammers) and given it an utterly pleasing name: Fat Roll.

I don't want to list every one of the 60 sites I store in my electronic reader sprocket machine, so I will list ten at a time and rotate. And after I have turned myself 360 degrees, I will rotate the blogroll. Oh, the humour.

So a million apologetic camels if your blog isn't there yet, especially if you link to me; you will get on there, honest.

Time for a free ditty. mpSunday is my semi-regular series of free mp3s. I am slowly giving away my entire record collection, although you have to be snappy because as soon as I post a new mpSunday, the mp3 from the previous mpSunday is deleted.

Twiggy-fantasist Patroclus said I have "awful lot to teach the world about Autechre and Mouse on Mars (pictured)" on the Tim Footman blog post that inspired me to install said blogroll.

So here is a five-year-old Mouse On Mars track that had the crowds a-bobbing and a-picnicking (on chaffinches) at a festival gig about a month ago.

mpSunday right-click and save target as: PLOP! This mp3 is no longer available. Click here to see the latest mpSunday.


Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Fat Roland,

Hope Fat is only a nickname. Actually not here to comment on your nickname, only to let you know I have responded to your comment at Technorati, a blog search engine and a blog ranking site.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

Fat Roland said...

Thanks, Peter. You are cleverer than wot I am.

Midnight Candle said...

I am honored to be on your Fat Roll. I mean, erm... oh dear.

Oh, well. See you in October!

Fat Roland said...

Although you've just rolled off my bottom. I mean... *the* bottom.