Mar 13, 2008

Smokin' tracks and molten nonsense: Theatre Of Noise and F1 Losers are go

A radio

Well, bless my trousers, it's that time of year when everything explodes at once.

From Monday night for three weeks, I will be presenting the Theatre Of Noise. Here is the blurb written by my own fair hands and those of my dashing co-presenter Lee:

"Spewing from their radio dungeon, rising from the swamps like Ant and Dec's blubbery brothers, back once again like a renegade master, Lee and Eyan bring you smokin' tracks and molten nonsense.

"With games like Chainsaw Challenge, Sin Lose Or Draw and Rejoice And Be Gladiator, and music from the likes of Becoming The Archetype, Mae, Neon Horse and We Are Scientists, the fifth annual Theatre Of Noise is like nothing you have heard before."

That last bit is probably a lie. Listen in on 87.7FM at 9pm weeknights from Monday if you're in Manchester, or you can listen to us live on the internet. I'm also designing a website, which should be ready to go soon.

Expect copious updates on the Fat Roland blog until you are so nauseated with them, you will be necking dry cornflakes to make yourself puke.

Meanwhile, if you like cars that go fast, then totally ignore my Formula One Losers League. You have to be pretty quick to enter (deadline is any day now), but pretty slow to succeed: it's a fantasy league where your team has to be the worst one you could possibly muster.

You can actually win money for crashing in the Losers League. Meanwhile, the radio shows will be like listening to a slow motion car crash for no financial return whatsoever.



Roswell2themax said...

Well, I am looking forward to tuning in to hear the erm, "smokin' tracks". Thanks for putting the internet link up I was wondering how I was going to listen over the internet - and well had no idea!

I think you should post the stunning picture of you both!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at my Blog stats and found a number of hits for my site had been referred from here, but could'nt see any links to my site, but if there are any thxs, and now I've found you and your a Mancunian Blogger I'll no doubt add you to my BlogRoll

Nice to meet ya