Sep 3, 2008

The sound of elephants falling on xylophones

There's a well posh bash at Manchester Art Gallery this Thursday, and I can't make it - but you can if you're quick on your heels.

Well, actually, it's not that posh. I only say that because they've got wine.

It's an evening of electronic music called Duos. Your glamorous hosts are Homelife's Paddy Steer and Sir Graham Massey, who you may remember from Hit Squad Manchester and some other band called 88 Slates or summat.

The whole thing is set against the visual scrumptiousness of sculptor Gwon Osang, although I wouldn't know about that sort of thing because this is a music blog and not an art blog; unless sculptures make a nice ding sound when you flick them with your finger, I'm not too bothered.

It's 7pm this Thursday, and tickets are a tenner (the money not a fat Italian singer) from the Library Theatre box office, the world webbed interwide or by phone on 0161 236 7110.

Oh and I may have already mentioned, Barefoot are providing some nice plonk (the wine, not the sound of an elephant falling on a xylophone).


Anonymous said...

I don't know that much about music but know a little bit about art. Gwon Osang has made a sculpture of Graham Massey. He spent a month in Manchester photographing people and then made sculptures of them made up of hundreds of photographic images to build up the surface appearance of his models, including the face, their hair and their clothes. So Graham Massay is in the entrance hall.

Fat Roland said...

Ruth - the information promises "two Grahams", so I guess that's the second one! I thought my brother Graham was turning up for a moment.

Unknown said...

This was a top couple of hours. Nice statues, excellent music and the chance to meet Graham himself and Daz from 808 State. Oh, and FREE wine. All for a tenner! Bargain!

Fat Roland said...

Yeah, it sounded great. I got a text soon after from someone wondering why I wasn't there. (It was for a good reason, honest!) Glad people enjoyed it though.