Sep 24, 2010

Manchester Blogmeet: 30th September 2010

The humongous social media event of the universe, the Manchester Blogmeet, will happen again this Wednesday Thursday - oops.

If you are a blogger in Manchester, or you vaguely fit that description, the Blogmeet is a chance to kick back with other bloggers, whether their blog is about being a writer, a single mum, a movie buff, a crochet enthusiast, a DJ, or a prog rock fan - or like many people, their blog is about nothing much and everything else besides.

It would be smashing if you could come along. See the details on the Manchester Blogmeet site. What I would like even better is for you to help me publicise it.

Why not pop some information about the Blogmeet on your blog? It would seem appropriate, after all. You can use the text on the Manchester Blogmeet site to your heart's content. Thanks for the plugs already given by Social Media Manchester, Go See This, VUI Design and others.

Or if you are a twit like me, do tweet about it. Manchester Blogmeet, September 30th, a link to the site and the hashtag #mcrblogmeet. (See what people have been saying already...)

Manchester Blogmeet. Probably the best meeting for Manchester bloggers called Manchester Blogmeet in the world. With free beer. Oh, did I mention the free beer? The wonderful guys at Umbro's Manchester studio are sponsoring us. See you there!

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Maria Aretoulaki said...

Hear Hear!
And thanks for the cross-cross-crossreference :)