Sep 30, 2010

Reminder: Manchester Blogmeet

It's the Manchester Blogmeet tonight, as mentioned on my previous post.

I should point out that if you don't come, there'll be trouble. The monster hiding in the artwork of Flying Lotus' new EP Pattern + Grid World is watching you. DON'T LOOK INTO THE EYES.

If you don't come, the monster will sidle up to you while you are not looking, rear up into your surprised face, open its slobbery chops as wide as it can and suck your sodden head like a lollipop.

And if the monster doesn't do that, I certainly will.

I'm being silly, of course. I don't mind if you don't come. I may still try and suck your face for fun though. The hosts, Umbro, have pointed out that if you are attending, come to the Newton Street entrance opposite the Captain America film set (it will make sense when you get there). A Google map can be found on the blogmeet website.

If you were in Manchester last night and you found yourself in Sandbar, you would have seen my second Gospel According To Aphex Twin. Thanks to all those who came. It's nice to get some new, um, converts to my derranged witterings.

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CageFightingBlogger said...

Was a good night Roland! I'm writing up the event atm... Keep your eye on my blog for the post. Thanks!