Sep 12, 2010

Homoerotica *and* analogue ambience: my levels of internet presence

The delightfully named Fat Roland's Shit Drizzles is my new secondary blog for all the little things I see on the internet that don't deserve to sully this main website.

The title comes from a Facebook conversation in which I inexplicably commented that "I dream in shit-drizzles", and then pretended that's what Snoop Dogg means when he says "shizzle", as in "shizzle my nizzle you mizzle-fizzling wizzle-pizzler."

My internet presence is a bit like Inception, with different layers. This blog is like being on a plane and remains the most important place from which everything else extends. Level 2 is my Shit-Drizzle site, which is a bit like a chase in a battered old van. My Twitter feed (which appears in the column on the right of this page) is an anti-gravity fist-fight in a hotel.

I wouldn't recommend you go any deeper. My Facebook account, which is mainly for real-life friends, is pummeling down a ski slope on the snowy fourth level. 'Down' being the operative momentum. The final level is internet limbo, which includes my rarely-visited nightmares of MySpace, Disqus, Digg, YouTube, Delicious, StumbleUpon and varous forums.

Just so you feel you aren't missing out, here is a selection of recent tweets of mine. Meanwhile, jump on Fat Roland's Shit-Drizzles where you'll find a stream of Gold Panda's debut album and a brilliant track from Squarepusher's new project.

Recent slightly-edited-for-the-blog tweets:

- It's not called the Mercury Music Prize, is it? It's the Mercury Prize. They omitted the object of their hate.

- Mussunt drunktweet. Th consekwenshes cud be mbarrassin. (I actually don't remember tweeting this.)

- I am *not* going to see The Expendables. It is an anagram of Elephant Sex Bed, and I don't fancy THAT.

- I had no idea Brian Eno did the music on Sebastiane. I might watch it some time. Homoerotica *and* analogue ambience... what's not to like?!

- And the Boyz. Heavy D and the Boyz. They never get credit. Like the Nu Power Generation, the On-U Sound System or Katrina's Waves.

- Mary Anne Hobbs: "My final guest may be Burial or Madonna or Sting or Adamski or Bowie or Lennon or Elvi--" oh it's Burial.

- For the second time today, a passing sheep has stopped still, looked me straight the eye, then taken a massive piss.

- All the greatest people are born on August 13th. A. Hitchcock, F. Castro, R. Hull. All the greats.

- I shouldn't have read The Road while I'm camping at a festival. I've been hiding under my groundsheet hiding from rapey cannibals.


Anonymous said...

"My internet presence is a bit like Inception"

Your internet presence is all a dream?

Fat Roland said...

My top spins, but it's got a bit of a wobble.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Having read this post once, I will not acknowledge it's continued existence until I have seen a complicated infographic to represent it's contents.

Fat Roland said...

Here you go:

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

OK. It now exists once more. Good work