Jan 9, 2016

A blogular mopping of brain spillage in six thoughts

First thought. If last year was like a pressure cooker, the Christmas break was like a release valve. I was rather selfish and did as little as possible. As a result, I'm going into the murk of January far less ragged than previous years.

Second thought. I need to look after myself more. I'm very good at activity and not so good at being healthy. I've been replacing snacks with fruit - and I've been trying to stress less over small things like not posting to Instagram for a while. Seriously though, it's been, like, a month or somefink.

Third thought. I have a million plans. Do a podcast. Do a stupid live gameshow. Live in the city centre. Walk around dressed as broccoli. Record an experimental album. Write a fake memoir. Walk around dressed as a cauliflower. Walk around dressed as frozen peas.

Fourth thought. I'm putting these plans aside. This year's creative malarkey will be about live performance / event organising, music writing and short story writing. Nothing else.

Fifth thought. I don't want to end the year needing a proverbial pressure cooker release valve to make everything okay again.

Sixth thought. I want to write blog posts on my phone that are entirely about me talking about myself, and therefore of little interest to anyone else. And I'll attach a six-thought structure to the blog post to give the impression of worth. Ah. I've just done that. Ahem.

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