Jan 6, 2016

Back once again


This 'renegade master' cartoon seems to be everywhere at the moment. It's the work of Moose Allain, whose cartoons have had millions of loops on Vine, which is like telly but for small people.

It made me chortle. It's obviously a reference to the 1995 top 20 single by Wildchild, who alas didn't live long enough to see Fatboy Slim catapult his remix of track into the top ten three years later. Sorry. Buzz kill.

There's something nice about jokes that are so far past topical, they're almost into the territory of dad jokes. Like this Pixar tweet.

Perhaps "nice" is the wrong word. "Comforting." Flips. I try so hard not to be nostalgic, but I think it comes with age. It doesn't help that loads of chart dance music by the likes of Disclosure sounds twenty years old.

Anyhoo, back to modern things. I promised to do a Spotify playlist of highlights from my 2015 albums-of-the-year series. It's two-and-a-half hours long and counting. I'm almost there.

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