Apr 26, 2016

Listen: Andy Stott's New Romantic (which doesn't have Too Many Voices (see what I did there))

Ah, the desolate sound of drizzly Manchester.

Shut up, it's quite nice here.

Anyhoo, here's a local artist by the name of Andy Stott, who you may remember from having the best electronic album of 2012. His latest long-player on Manchester's Modern Love is Too Many Voices, and here's a distorted slice of beatery cut called New Romantic - with exactly the right number of voices. Have a listen.

I'm going to stop writing #choon at the end of these short pieces because it looks a bit nobbish. Just click on the "new music" tag below or the big green box at the top of the page. IF YOU CAN SEE IT THROUGH ALL THE DRIZZLE.