Apr 12, 2016

The precarious future of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

It looks like Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud is about to fall out of the top 100.

I don't even know how that Ed Sheeran song goes. I've probably heard it a million times, but it has just trickled out of my brain like very, very beige sand.

What I do know is that is has been in the UK top 100 singles chart continuously for 94 weeks. As you can see in this Official Charts tracker (below), it debuted at number 26, took over four months to get to number one, and then just would not go away.

But look at the current week, highlighted in pink (click pic for bigger). It's dropped to 100.

What happens when it drops out? Do the charts lose their strength, like Samson getting a buzz cut? Does someone somewhere stop playing bingo? What happens when we reach number 100 in our own lives; is Ed Sheeran a metaphor for human existence?

Ed (frightened eyes, pictured at the top of this devastating exposé) has one saving grace: a statistical anomaly. In this week's chart, Kanye West scored nine new entries. Nine. For now, the battle is between Sheeran fans constantly buying Thinking Out Loud on CD, and Kanye fans streaming his album tracks on the backs of buses.

Who will win? Leave a comment under this-- actually, don't bother.

(11th June 2016 update: The single hung on for one more week, then dropped out of the charts. It reappeared again this week at number 98, its 96th chart week, giving hope to millions.)

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