Nov 30, 2020

Strap in (to the ejector seat): The F1 Losers League is back

Hamilton and Ricciardo

Formula One. It's not why you visit this website. So if you are only interested in my usual topics of electronic music, pop culture, cool dance moves, sick skateboard tricks and how to make a lifesize sculpture of Ronan Keating using only cardboard, sellotape and dozen dead octopuses, then move on.

However, if you are in interested in Formula One, then you might want to enter a fantasy league I am reviving for 2021.

The F1 Losers League is a competition in which you set up the WORST possible Formula One team, and gain points for your team choices doing badly in the real world of F1. The front of the grid may often be predictable, so instead we're celebrating the stragglers and the strugglers further down the field.

It works like this: You pick three drivers and a constructor. You earn points from retirements and rubbish performance. You manipulate those points in the repair shop through gimmicks such as DRS (which in our case stands for "Double Race Score") and Ejector Seats.

It's free to enter. This also means you don't win anything, other than an ability to spot total losers, and a vague worry that it takes one to know one.

If you want to take part, you don't have to do anything just now. However, you could set a reminder by registering your interest in the League.

Okay. Back to the usual content. *draws complicated diagram to show how you can make tentacles look like nipples*

Further Fats: In the next 24 hours, formula one will be changed forever (2012)

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