Aug 6, 2010

Tyondai 'TyBo' Braxton retreats from Battles

Tyondai Braxton left Battles today. Now, the math rockers are like Radiohead without their Thom, like Hot Chip without their Alexis, like... shudder... Five without their Abs.

Of course, Braxton was already a known solo artist, laying out his stall with album Central Market a while ago. But Battles' expected follow-up to 2007's Mirrored was their Second Coming moment, and chez Roland has been awash with salivation for some time.

Braxton, or TyBo as his solo moniker will no doubt become, said in a statement:
"Our model has always had a controlled shapelessness to it and I know John, Ian and Dave are looking forward sculpting an even better way forward. I look forward to be able to continue my music and am very excited at the prospect of being able to dig deeper in my own work."
Amid that clash of archaeological and artistic metaphors lies a musician who is determined to paint a solo legacy that will leave fossils of sonic goodness that last longer than the huge dinosaur imprint made by Battles.

What will the future hold? Because Battles cited Braxton's unwillingness to tour as part of their mutual decision to split, I'm hoping Tyondai becomes a crazy, bearded recluse that makes Syd Barrett look like a jazz-handed pap-seeking celeb.

As for Battles, they may be better off without TyBo's vocals. It clearly wasn't working for them, and it seems that without their frontman, they will get the album wrapped up in advance of a tour next year.

A friend of mine dislikes Battles because THAT big hit sounded like Gary Glitter. Meanwhile, this eager blogger awaits TyBo's new material with tongue a-loll.

Who will be better? The original band or the newly-free TyBo?

And will it result in a massive conflict between them? You know - that type of conflict that's not a full-scale war, but not just a few skirmishes either. A conflict that's somewhere inbetween the two. There's a word for it... I forget....

What do you think of today's news? Is this the day that music died? Are you too busy listening to country and western to notice? Leave your comment below and we can have a bit of a Battle prattle between ourselves.


Nibs said...

I think 'TyBo' will definately catch on.

Fat Roland said...

I originally wrote T-Brax, but that sounds a little like tea-bags. TyBo sounds like Susan Boyle doing martial arts, which I think is definitely closer to the direction he should be heading in.

Tim (Kalyr) said...

I still remember the day Fish left Marillion...

Fat Roland said...

Just let it go, Tim. JUST LET IT GO.