Nov 22, 2004

Latest on the Cord gig on December 1st

Here's an update on what's happening downstairs in Cord bar, Northern Quarter, Manchester on December 1st, 8pm until 11pm (admission free!).

'Two' will be the name of the night. The event is set to be a great showcase for Fats friends and fans alike, with visuals supplied by Squeaky Productions cohort Fil (aka Weasel) and Altaer master Kol (aka Krow), plus a DJ set by Kid Mingus (aka Kid Mingus).

Kid Mingus will be showcasing tracks from his new mini-album Unhappy House (the best track title is Sting Loves Me). To hear the mini-album in full, go straight to the Defunktion website by clicking here. The music will automatically start streaming shortly after the page loads.

Brought to you by Sanctus1, the evening of electronica and creative visuals should also feature live experimental music courtesy of a laptop PC artist, but details are still being sorted.

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