Nov 14, 2004

Back-slappers: a plug for Sometimes... Records

Aaw, God bless 'em.

In their latest web-powered missive, Electronica label Sometimes... Records have taken it upon themselves to plug my forthcoming appearance at Cord bar. They call me "official Sometimes... friend", which is praise indeed. The Cord night happens on Wednesday December 1st, in case you were wondering.

So in true vomitesque, pseudo-celebrity back-slapping style, here is a plug by me for them.

Cue flashing lights and 'Our Graham from Blind Date' voice: "While we're talking nights out (or rather while I'm typing and you're reading whilst munching on a Twix or your toes or something), if you're ever passing Dry bar on Oldham Street, Manchester on a Thursday evening, pop in for The Rug. DJs from Sometimes... and the Mixtape Club will throw a load of funk, soul, dub, dancehall and electronica at you."

Plugged right back at ya.

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