Apr 11, 2006

Misadventures in sound #2

Following my first post on my imminent radio fame, the debut Quite Early Show went off with a fizz, a pop, and I dare say a bang.

After spending a heinous number of hours co-ordinating the playlist, scrawling script for the news segment, planning questions for our Jenga-based interview, split-polishing our spats and gobbling Cadbury's Creme Eggs, we successfully hit the airwaves at 9pm last night.

>Small holes

Running a radio show is a bit like being on Oblivion at Alton Towers, the bit in between the initial drop ("don't look down") and reaching the unnervingly small hole in the ground. 4.5g and sweaty palms for two hours, trying to fit everything in and pretending my co-presenter Lee and I are friends even though we hate each other because I am a fat James Bond and he has a fluffy white cat. Having said that, Lee did a fantastic job running the desk, twiddling knobs with parts of his body I didn't know he had.

We had a news slot, A List tracks, egg curling (curling with eggs), 'The Leviathans of Christian Cheese' and I dedicated a track to my friend
Jules. So one out of ten shows done, and more to come at 9pm tonight.


Our debut broadcast did had a sting in the tail. Kolyn Amor couldn't join us because he injured himself (a condition he doesn't want to publicise, but nowhere near as embarrassing as my friend Lev who cut his ____ while he was ____ing). And even more worryingly, Darren popped into our studio because it was his birthday and got attacked after departing, leaving him cut, robbed and shaken. Both of these have upset me because I want my mates in one piece.

So like Icarus, it's onwards and upwards into the midday sun, which kind of messes with the Oblivion metaphor and leaves me feeling rather queer.


Julesy said...

Eyan you beaut, can't believe you dedicated a track to me AND I MISSED IT!!!!! The horror! Was it Banana Pancakes, or something by Hard-Fi, per chance? x

Fat Roland said...

"You beaut"? Are you Australian?

It was the Flaming Lips and their wonderful Plastic Jesus, as plugged in your very own blog.


Julesy said...

I have far too many Aussie mates, thats my problem.

Agreed - that is one banging tune.