Apr 16, 2006

No half naked romps for Boards Of Canada

I am more astonished than a sack of potatoes in a chippy's kitchen. I have discovered Boards Of Canada have always gone without music videos. Take That tramped off to the beach for Pray, Michael and Janet wore white and shot into space, but BoC have stayed untanned and grounded throughout. No visuals for the Boards, they're purists you know.

Their warm chunkiness has finally made it to celluloid, however, although admittedly it isn't a half naked romp on a desert island in the style of our Manchester boys (why didn't Pray make it into the Passion on Friday?). Davyan Cowboy is a beautiful track and will feature in their new Trans Canada Highway EP out on June 6th.

The extra exposure from a video plus its
Massive Attack-esque mass appeal will encourage it into the environs of Moby-style TV exposure, maybe as backing music for those million pound BBC idents.

See BoC's first ever official video by
clicking your plastic handmouse here [link now broken].

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