Apr 17, 2006

Misadventures in sound #6

>Crop circles

I go round and round so aimlessly and so often these days, I have crop circles in my carpet. I'm worried I may attract aliens, although the chances of intelligent life living in my house seem quite distant.

Why aimless? I have been sweating over a website for The Quite Early Show for the best part of seven square-eyed days, but I can't get certain elements to work. It's the second and final week at Refresh FM, so now the idea is about as useful as a knitted nutcracker.

Still, not all my planning has been pissing in the wind. I have playlists ready for Monday and Tuesday as well as scripts for the news.

>Darts and balloons

Following on from my
last post about my two week excursion into the world of community radio, I am pleased to announce Mull Historical Society did escape the chop. (On our playlist, we have 16 tracks we earmark for definite play. We then have another eight tunes labelled as 'C' tracks, which means we chop them because we have waffled too much.) MHS's Colin McIntyre is a bit of a bloomin' genius and it's good to play geniuses. Genii. Geniupotamuses.

We also had a lot of fun with darts and balloons. And we played Joy Division and the Stone Roses in honour of Manchester Passion.


Dan Dexter, the brilliantly monikered Refresh FM presenter, cunningly sabotaged our show by piping sounds on air with a hidden minidisc player. It was only when we kept hearing random gunshots that we hauled Dan and radio director Andy Bell on air to apologise and lick our shoes.

Tonight, we are back on the air from 9pm. I'm aiming on sticking in a bit of
Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Bon Voyage and Shonlock.

One week down and one to go. Get that radio tuned into 87.7FM, and if you can't get a signal, stay tuned to the Fat Blog. If you could tune your computer, that is. Which you can't.

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