Apr 12, 2006

Misadventures in sound #3

Winnie the Pooh wibbled something about Tuesdays once, or maybe I'm thinking of Owl who couldn't spel Teusday...

Anyhoo, my wife Lee and I survived another night of radio hamming, and in my continuing efforts to blog about it, I'm blogging about it. Tusedeay, that is.


We interviewed a lovely raving mad person called Alan Saunders, who is leading the Big Deal with more enthusiasm than a wasp has stripes. I say he was mad because he seemed to put up with our inept attempts at unpresenting with a weird kind of masochism. We played Jenga with him, which wasn't sexual or anything.


Technical gloopery put paid to our computer - it crashed because it thought our music was crap. The playlist went to buggery (radio term, look it up) and we made lots of mistakes. Actually, we didn't really enjoy the whole evening, but when you're getting texts encouraging us to "carry on the jolly japes", then we shall continue to jape our jolly until it's... erm... jelly.


So on to tonight, Captain Ahab. Theatre Of Noise is our whale and Lee is the Moby to my dick. Um. Maybe I should have put a capital D there. We're both very excited about tonight's show. It will run something like this:

1. Play loud music. With guitars.
2. Wax hairy men.
3. Destroy bad Christian music with a power tool.
4. Go home.
5. Deal with all the complaints.

Last time we did this, I was "working" at Wesley Owen in Manchester. A customer sidled up to me to complain about a radio show that damaged CDs with a nail gun. Naturally, as a representative of the UK's leading Christian wotsit, I listened gracefully, nodded at all the right moments, then caved her head in with a lectern.

On a lighter note*, these are my favourite types of bulbs:

a) Screw-cap
b) Bayonet

See you at 9pm, kids.


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