Aug 9, 2006

All bound for Mu Mu land

An unlikely place to discover new electronic music is the BBC, that bastian of starched moustaches and social snoozery.

At the moment, they have gone all moist over
Mike Paradinas by giving his legendary Planet Mu label a whole page [link broken]. On the site, you get to listen to full tracks with your left ear and your right ear at the same time, which puts DJs like me out of a job. Barstewards.

>Gentle squelch

So behold the gentle squelch of Wergle The Proud by µ-ziq and the relaxing robot birdsong of 0=0.

Get grimy with dubstep saviour Boxcutter and Manchester's own Virus Syndicate. Jiggle your shizzle with some great Kate Bush trimming by Chevron.

There's the usual excellence from the godlike Aaron Funk as Venetian Snares and some old skool rave-arse courtesy of Bizzy B.

>Mentalist staff

Planet Mu kind of holds things together in electronica/IDM, more so than Warp I reckon. Without them, the scene would be like B&Q without mentalist staff or the Tories without gays. So set your sail for Mu Mu land and get some of this good shit down your ears. Not literally; that would be disgusting.

But Fat Roland, you whisper into my ear, forwhere do I purchase such items? Despite PelicanNeck Records having no Venetian Snares last time I went in, buy all of it
from them.