Aug 6, 2006

Filter: Wisp, Luke Vibert & Jackson AHCB

Filter the good stuff, cut off the rest...

>Filter: Wisp - Honor Beats (album)

Beadumaegen, t
he opening assault on Wisp's album, is an insistent bagpipe riff bedded against a booming alpine horn and catapulted into space by souped-up rave breaks and a monstrous techno bass beat. You'd think this album could break your head in half - and you'd be wrong, because it's infused with gorgeous melody and huggable arrangements. This is breakcore with mittens, not a classic album, but very likeable.

>Filter: Jean Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert - Moog Acid (single)

I won't linger on this release because (a) it smells of custard and (b) if you like Luke Vibert, you'd buy this anyhoo. Moog Acid is a playful track brought to you by the master of the Moog (Perry) and acid's greatest squelcher (Vibert). It's as fun as it sounds. You already know Jean Jacques Perry because a Fatboy Slim remix of his classic E.V.A. track was used to advertise (I think) a fizzy drink.

>Filter: Jackson & His Computer Band - Smash Up Megamix (single, kind of)

Where do you go next after your music has become famous all over Europe for advertising phones (see previous post here) and all the signposts point to chart success and kid's TV appearances? You feed your successful album through a shredder, that's what. This is a megamix nip and tuck of JAHCB's Smash album with extra fluff thrown in too. It's a clever idea and you can only get it from Bleep.

>Cut off: Plaid & Bob Jaroc - Greedy Baby (album)

Well poke my eyes out with a slightly irritated badger, I'd never thought I'd criticise Plaid who, in my humble pie, are the successor's to Orbital and their ear-stroking techno layerings. But this is a DVD project with visual arteeeest Jaroc which worked perfectly well on DVD but has now been transfered to normal CD. And it doesn't work for me. Without the viddy stuff, it borders on the dull. There, I've said it. You can get the badger now.

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