Aug 23, 2006

Fatbelt: notch 1

Like a concrete-booted dwarf at the wrong end of a swimming pool, I may be getting in over my head here.

I'm going to attempt a
Greenbelt Festival blog. I tried it when I DJed for Manchester's Refresh FM (see the last post I did here), but I fizzled out at the end of the first week.


I've been addicted to Greenbelt since 1992, when a hurricane destroyed my tent and the main Sunday service went seriously belly-dancy.

This year will be different because I am helping run two events and also working on the on-site Greenbelt FM radio station (read more on my Fat Roland website).


I fear two things.

Firstlibold, I will be too busy to blog. This officially makes me un-geeky, but I would like to keep you, my fine-feathered reader, updated on my weekend.

Secondifically, I'm worried I'll miss out on the potential highlights, which include but are not limited to The 17, Daniel Bedingfield (well, I might as well), Blindside, John Bell on homosexuality, various writing workshops, The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain (no, seriously, they're unmissable), The Seven Basic Plots Of Storytelling, Candi Staton, comedian and magician John Archer, and anything by Steve Stockman.


Watch this space. Or not, depending on whether I can get to a computer. And the intertubenet. And a seething bag of furry parsnips, I must have my seething bag of furry parsnips.

1 comment:

James said...

good luck :) I'll do my best to track you down over the weekend - definetly heading for the gloopy music shennanigans tonight...