Aug 12, 2006

The Herberts between my Hardys and Heller

I've been tagged by James with something called a Book Meme.

That means I have to answer the same ten questions already answered by my tagger. I hated tag at school. I kept drainpipes up my sleeves so I could batter to death anyone who tried to touch me. Ever.

I was a very lonely child.

Anyhoo, here are the ten questions, ending with the five people I'm supposed to tag. It's like a chain letter which is a bit like chain smoking which is a bit like smoking which kills you much more slowly than being pummelled with piping.

>One book that changed your life: Dave Tomlinson's Post-Evangelical.

>One book you've read more than once: Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy.

>One book you'd want on a desert island: Stephen King's The Stand.

>One book that made you laugh: Stephen Fry's The Liar.

>One book that made you cry: Anthony Burgess' Clockwork Orange (pictured).

>One book you wish had been written: Mine.

>One book you wish had never been written: most celebrity biographies.

>One book you're currently reading:
Warp's Labels Unlimited.

>One book you've been meaning to read: I've a stack of James Herbert to be read. I tried one and didn't like it, and now my collection stands unloved between Thomas Hardy and Joseph Heller. Yes, I collect books I don't read and yes I store things alphabetically, albeit not that strictly as Herbert should be after Heller. What am I, a librarian? No. I'm a bookshop manager and that's, er, a totally different thing.

>Now tag 5 people:
James Henry, Sarah Contrary, MQ, Blonde Janet, Lee.


MQ said...

I will. Probably. But now now, because my eyes are killing me from all this computer screen looking.

In the meantime, have a most happy of birthdays, Mr Fat.

MQ said...

I meant, "not now".


Fat Roland said...