Nov 11, 2006

Now wash your hands: it's the Toriton Plus

If you have never thought of sound as a waveform before, well, blow my physics hat off, here are some actual waves making sound. The Toriton Plus comprises a bowl of water, a bunch of lazers and a dose of magic. Oh, and someone's hand.

My mate Ed told me once he was going to buy some lazers to make a lazer harp. He would fire the lazers across the heads of an audience and people could reach up and cut the beams with their hands, setting off MIDI samples and thereby creating their own unique orchestra.

All this triggers two thoughts. Firstly, I would be impressed at anyone who can make a lazer upright piano. And secondly, I wonder what the Toriton Plus would sound like if you replaced the water for milk, and you surrounded the whole thing with kittens.


Sebastian Tomczak said...

i think the milk might be too opaque maybe?

Fat Roland said...

Now that's a scientific mind at work. I salute you, sir.