Dec 2, 2006

Do you know Squarepusher? You do now

Here's Squarepusher on BBC2's The Culture Show. Lauren Laverne clearly has no idea who he is, and a researcher has fed her a bogus line that he is mainly known for DJing.

Whilst I'm in BBC-slagging mood, it's interesting to see Radio 4 has just shown a documentary on Jay-Z. They've ignored him for years, but now he has serious money and business behind him, he's respectable enough to be covered by Radio 4. In fact, Jay-Z: from Brooklyn to the Boardroom seems a lot more concerned with his business acumen than the fact he knows how to punch out a great lyric or two.


Anonymous said...

where is real and rough d&b in manchester? help need a fix and go spastic., ta. james

Anonymous said...

So what? Is it not good to show rappers in a positive light beyond an ability to talk about money and hos?

Fat Roland said...

Anonymous, I think it was more of a case of being disappointed at Radio 4, that they only way they could crowbar something "street" into their schedules was to treat it as a financial piece. Which makes sense, targeting the listener and all that, but I'm fed up with R4's mentality that classical music = real music, while other kinds of music often need to be "angled". I can't wait for the day I hear all hip hop and braindance on Desert Island Discs.