Jun 15, 2008

It's not a pie chart but I called it a Bri Chart because that was the only pun I could think of

bri chart

This chart shows why I'm worried about Brian Eno. (Click here for large.)

I should have posted this months ago, when Eno told Radio 4's Front Row that he would be producing the latest LP from tapioca-flavoured, whinging popmunters Coldplay.

He said their new material "will be very original and very different from what they've done before."

It wasn't.

Viva La Whatever was released by Coldplay this week and, like past albums from James and U2, you can see the Eno sheen dripping from every note.

But what was Eno thinking of? What was the former producer of U2's sunglasses era and Talking Heads doing anywhere near a band I consider so bad, I'd rather trim my toenails with a chainsaw than listen to Chris Martin's Bluntesque mediocrity.

That's why I created my Bri Chart, above, showing the collapsing milestone's of Brian Eno's production career.

On a more delightful note, listen to Islands covering Eno's The Big Ship (you'll need to scroll down a bit).

Of his Eno cover, Islands' Nicholas Thorburn said "It doesn't matter if it's sloppy. Things can be a little rough around the edges if they have heart."

Or they can be as neat and tidy as a Coldplay song and have absolutely no pulse whatsoever.

Just time for an mpSunday, the series where I use the internet to give away music. Clever, I know. It only seems relevant to bust you some Eno, so here goes:

mpSunday: Brian Eno's Big Ship (this mp3 has now gaaawn - click here for the latest mpSunday.)


Anonymous said...

Your Bri Chart is right on, I afraid. Eno is a god to me, but only in an ancient Greece sort of way. He's been lionized quite a bit lately, which is never good for one's career. A recent quote from someone "Brian Eno is the best used car salesman in the world."

You might enjoy this "scientific" article:


Fat Roland said...

Thanks for the link, Romero. I like blog posts with pictures of scary monkeys on 'em.

I'd still buy a car from Eno, as long as its engine sounded like a long, warm chord from a Moog.