Oct 15, 2008

A good week for old LPs - and if you say 'what's an LP', I'll set fire to your mp3 player

808 State (pictured), Manchester's third greatest band after Together and Swing Out Sister, have reissued a glut of old LPs.

Firstly, Quadrastate, the one with Pacific State on, is out on CD for the first time.

And secondly, a quartet of old 808 albums have put on a bit of slap and come out to play again: 90, ex:el, the astonishing Gorgeous and the cock-themed Don Solaris.

As if my joy wasn't unbridled enough, record label ZTT are also planning on rereleasing MC Tunes' The North At It's Heights.

MC Tunes, if you recall, was the lizard-tongued rapper that had an "only rhyme that bitessss" back in the dying months of Thatcher's Britain.

Speaking of Prime Ministerial gay icons... Back in Ted Heath's day, there was a collosal jam session to end all collosal jam sessions.

King Crimson lynchpin Robert Fripp was meant to be laying down some phat guitar licks for the god-voiced Robert Wyatt, when he bunked off to lark around with Brian Eno.

You remember Brian. I did a Bri Chart of him once.

Anyhoo, the resulting session between Fripp and Eno was the historic 21-minute opus Heavenly Music Corporation. This rich, mesmerising wash is a highlight of their No Pussyfooting album, which has also, like the 808 State albums, been released back into the wild.

Which means it's a good week for old LPs. Go find a record shop, virtual or otherwise, and reminisce your guts up.


Anonymous said...

808 rule. Mot so sure about Tunes ..

Did you mean that about Swing Out Sister? Bravo! I'm hoping to go and see them at the Lowry next month.

Fat Roland said...

Smith: Yeah, Tunes sucked. I spilt his pint once, but I'll save that for another blog. I, um, wasn't serious about Swing Out Sister, but I did love the tragically short-lived Together. Right, I'm off to check out your Eno interview...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, busted! I've outed myself as an SOS fan .. I don't care. I like 'em.

I met Tunes - we have a lot of friends in common - and I thought he was a nice bloke, although I didn't spill his pint. I did comment on his comedy Manc accent though ..