Oct 26, 2008

Time again for mulleted monkey-man Guru Josh

December 2015 edit: gone too soon. My thoughts are with Paul's nearest and dearest.
Forget Obama. Cast the credit crunch from your mind. History was made tonight when Guru Josh (pictured) secured an impressive comeback to the singles chart.

Former nightclub entertainer Paul Walden hit number three with a new version of his 1989 classic Infinity (1990s... Time For The Guru).

Apart from a wee handful of cover versions by Stockport's heroin-hazed noise-blender V/Vm, Guru Josh's post-89 career has received little public attention.

Until now.

I fear the new version lacks something by editing out the 1990s references in favour of a Basshunter-style house vocal. We don't get Guru's 'ooh ah' monkey noises for a start.

Here are both versions for your consideration. The first is the original 1989 single, with mullet on full show. Below that is the un-mulleted single that's currently riding at number three under Walden's new guise, the Guru Josh Project.


suzaloozle said...

Hey, I definately prefer the original. Not keen on the whole voice-over thing - bit cheesy I reckon!

Anonymous said...

I can now confidently predict that The 900 Number will be the christmas number one.

Fat Roland said...

Suz: You're right. I thought the first one was cheesy until I heard the new one.

Timmy: Your prediction is now on record for the world to see. If you're right, I'll blog about it at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Seems my prophetic abilities are pointing in the wrong direction. Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked), which sampled the 900 Number (and is probably what I was hearing over the psychic airwaves) was re-released 2 years ago just in time for christmas 2006.


I'm still looking forward to your Christmas blog though. We shall all sit round reading it while deliberately ignoring the Queen's speech. It feels traditional already.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
Thanks so much for all your support.
Pls urgently replace the photo you have on this strand for one that is actually Guru Josh. As this is causing a copyright issue that is now being directed to the lawyers. http://s672.photobucket.com/albums/vv87/GuruJoshOffice/?action=view&current=DSC_0057.jpg
Grab one from here for speed.
All best

The Guru Josh Office

Fat Roland said...

Guru Josh has an office? Well, I never.

Joe said...

Dear Guru Josh's Office,

I work in a horrible, sweaty office with no air-con. Can I work in yours instead please?

Hope this doesn't lead to me getting sued,


Joe, A New Band A day.

Fat Roland said...