Feb 18, 2009

Some lists containing rhyming Autechre, Orbital in colour, and the entire history of dance music

I've been rather busy in a studio making up stupid jingles and idents for a series of radio programmes, so my post today will be a little half-hearted, pathetic and, quite frankly, lukewarm enough to make you vomit.

Which is a shame, because I want to tell you about a really good gig by an electronic musician who seemed constantly surprised by his own sound.  Maybe I'll write about that later in the week.

So for now, here is the standard blog fall-back. Lists.

Five Autechre tracks that don't quite rhyme:

1. Gnit

2. Glitch

3. Slip

4. Krib

5. Theme Of Sudden Roundabout

The entire history of dance music traced through five significant number one hits:

1. Donna Summer - I Feel Love

2. Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body

3. Black Box - Ride On Time

4. Livin' Joy - Dreamer

5. Crazy Frog - Axel F

The most played artists on my Last FM page, including one imposter:

1. Autechre

2. µ-Ziq (artwork pictured)

3. Bonnie Tyler

4. Plaid

5. Bola

The biggest Roland songs in UK chart history:

David Whitfield With The Roland Shaw Orchestra - Adoration Waltz (#9 in 1957)

Roland Rat Superstar - Rat Rapping (#14 in 1983)

Armand Van Helden featuring Roland Clark - Flowerz (#18 in 1999)

Roland Rat Superstar - Love Me Tender (#32 in 1984) ... does anyone actually remember this?

Honorary mention goes to: Grange Hill Cast - Just Say No (#5 in 1986)

What Orbital's albums would have been called if they had continued the colour theme:

1. The Green Album

2. The Brown Album.

3. The Grey Album

4. The Blue-ish Album

5. The Blue And Black Album (original soundtrack)

6. The White Album

7. The Black Album

8. The Brown Album (greatest hits)

9. The Black Album (original soundtrack)
10. The Blue Album

11. The White Album (USA greatest hits)

12. The White-ish Album (live at Glastonbury)


steve said...

Ahhhh yes, Lunatic Harness, a freakin' masterpiece from start to finish. Excellent post too Roland!

Fat Roland said...

Yus, I think Brace Yourself Jason is one of my most played tracks ever.