Jul 3, 2009

Future Daniel: Clark's massive Totem is July's essential purchase

Edit: This album is mentioned in my top ten electronica albums of 2009

I'm still in computer no-mans'-land, but that won't stop me telling you how to run your record collection.

You have to buy the following releases:

1. I know I've banged on about this before, but you have to buy Clark's Totems Flare album. About a week away from touch-down, the most anticipated Warp release of the year (yes, more than Warp 20) is set to elevate Chris Clark to Aphex-levels of respect and thumping-fist-against-chestness. Breakcore goes pop. Electronica goes emo. Choose your own lazy comparison.

2. Er...

3. ...that's it.

Oh, apart from Jega's Variance, which is probably Planet Mu's most important release this month. This slab of strokable bleepness was first leaked six years ago (Jega has released bugger all since 2000), and now rears its official head in the shape of a double CD. The first CD is more melodic, and the second CD is aimed at techno heads, with a smattering of glitch.

But really, July is all about Clark's absolutely massive Totems Flare. I'm so excited, I've even cut-and-pasted the track listing from the Warp website. See if you can work out which is my favourite track title:

01 - Outside Plume (04.21)
02 - Growls Garden (04.59)
03 - Rainbow Voodoo (04.36)
04 - Look Into The Heart Now (04.02
05 - Luxman Furs (04.08
06 - Totem Crackerjack (05.21)
07 - Future Daniel (04.09) <<< this one, definitely this one
08 - Primary Balloon Landing (01.17
09 - Talis (03.07
10 - Suns Of Temper (05.40
11 - Absence (03.10)


Tim said...

I don't want you giving me disapproving looks, so
I have pre-ordered it by pre-paying to pre-empt a pre-ennial pre-fusion of pre-tty ... tunes.

Fat Roland said...

My pre-aching worked. I am pre-ening my feathers. I am, um, the high pre-iest of... er... oh this is too hard.

出張ホスト said...


Fat Roland said...

I'm not going all the way to Japan to hook up with random women. Thanks for your interest anyway.

Unless you're paying.

家出 said...


dmargster said...

Grrrr. I just got the Totems Flare MP3 album from Bleep and the version of Future Daniel is shortened, less crunchy and in my opinion far inferior to the version played on my radio program of choice. And the album version fades out. What's with these poor album versions of songs, huh? It's not fair to the listener who has grown accustomed to another version, I tellz you!

Fat Roland said...

Dmargster... boo to that. What version did you hear then? It wasn't on Growls, was it?