Apr 1, 2010

Irritable shafts: the Manchester blog meet

I hurl a hearty howdy at the good folk I met at last night's Manchester blog meet.

A blog meet is where a drone of bloggers gather together and talk page stats, platforms and PHP while keeping the curtains securely close lest an irritable shaft of light fall upon their pale faces.

Which of course is a staggering untruth. I had a couple of conversations about blogging - why wouldn't you when you have a name badge with your fricking blog name on - but the rest of the time was all about being stupid, putting the world to rights and drinking as hard as we possibly could.

Thankfully for Skiddle, who sponsored the event, there were quite a few sober people on the night. Unfortunately for Skiddle, at one point I worked out I'd drunk nearly 20% of the bar tab. I did ease off, honest!

And so big shouts to photographer Cardboard Kid, performer and social animal Cutteruption , reformed cynic Benjamin Judge, lovely Manchester magazine Now Then (they did a piece on breakcore!), author and fellow blog-meet-first-timer Fiction Bitch, digital clever man Technical Fault, Manchester's answer to QI Madlab and of course the organiser of the whole shebang, Manchester's social guru and all-round smashing yankunion The Manchizzle. Oh and Nigel. Oh and, erm, Paul who doesn't really have a blog but does do stuff here.

There were some others I wanted to mention, but they all danced around on the tip of my tongue before drowning in the saliva of forgetfulness. Especially the trance bloke called Cosmic-something. But you were all lovely, honest.

If I didn't mention you just now but you did speak to me on the night, either:

- I forgot your blog name;

- I couldn't see your badge;

- I googled you and didn't find you.

Why not mention yourself in the comments, and I will add you in an edit HERE? [insert embarrassing omissions - such as Where Worlds Collide and the award-winning Words and Fixtures]

Anyhoo, consider my hearty how-do dispensed into the blogosphere. I guess the next step is social media cafes. Blogging: it seems to be alive and kicking its feet merrily under its desk. And not a mention of PHP or any other drug of choice for internet geeks, thank crap.


Tim (Kalyr) said...

Don't forget Where Worlds Collide!

Fat Roland said...

I was rubbish at googling for you... 'tis added. Hi, Tim!

Sarah-Clare Conlon said...

You forgot me. Sob. Words & Fixtures

Fat Roland said...

Consider you added!