Jul 29, 2010

Magnetic Man's impending chart success is more exciting than electrocuted nipples

A remarkable thing is happening.

Time after time, I vomit on about electronic music. Although my writing style makes women want to be me and men want to snog me, I often leave readers befuddled because electronica in its various forms is as far from the mainsteam as you can get.

If I have ever befuddled you, don't worry: that's a perfectly natural feeling. Like being gay, enjoying Springwatch or sitting in your hairdresser's chair and, when asked how you'd like your cut, pointing to your wallet photo of Justin Biebpipe.

So what's so remarkable? Dubstep, that low-bass fuzzy sub-genre beloved of mostly ignorant broadsheet writers, is about to go mainstream. Magnetic Man's I Need Air scored well in the mid-week chart predictions, and it seems likely to go top ten this Sunday.

Magnetic Man is Skream and Benga and Artwork. I prefer their other tune (MAD) because, well, I Need Air isn't very dubsteppy, but this is their debut single and you ought to rush out to your internet to buy it.

What's most exciting is, if this goes top ten - or hopefully top five - it will be the first time one of my favourite electronic music performers gained widespread attention since that time when my uncle was arrested on Market Street for playing the spoons whilst electrocuting his nipples.

(The video seems to 'crash' with the right-column of this blog. That's because Google can't cope with getting their video service to work properly with their blogging service!)

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