Dec 6, 2011

I am not typing

I am not blogging at the moment. Instead, I am preparing new material for the book-of-my-blog which I promised you a couple of months ago.

10,000 is the word target I'm aiming for this week, which I should pass tomorrow. This does mean I have now spent three whole days indoors thinking and typing, thinking and typing. In the words of Sir Fredrick of Mecury, I'm going slightly mad. I've only spoken to the newsagent and the man who came to service my boiler.

That's NOT a euphemism.

Here are some of the words that now sit proudly in this week's first draft. I'm quite happy with it so far:
Belch, bucket, cloys, cocked, consolation, daaaah, dismembered, drizzle, entropy, fedora, fundamentalist, gaslamp, heroin, monochrome, neanderthal, nipple, oscillators, panda, psychogeography, putrescent, sable, sextet, slaughter, snog, swagger, tympanic, unicycling, vestibule, wolves.

1 comment:

Lev said...

"heroin, monochrome, neanderthal, nipple" - somewhere in your mind is a marvellous place where you can conceive of these words together without becoming pathologically insane.

I love you Fat Roland. You are very gifted.

If you get bored of the typing, and need a distraction, then your devout followers over at F1 Losers blogspot are pining for you and your heroin flavoured monochrome nipples.