Nov 5, 2016

Hot damn, Black America Again

Common's new single Black America Again is a doozer. The fat piano, those strings, the scratching, the James Brown sample, the hope that bursts through with a little help of a certain Stevie Wonder.

And of course, the lyrics. "Maria Sharapova making more than Serena." The nod to Viola Davis and Ta-Nehisi Coates. The lack of black people in science fiction ("maybe you need two, and then maybe then we'll believe you").

If you want more of this, or rather this with all its elements spread out over 20 minutes, check the sprawling 'remix' video that's just come out.

Crumbs, we're messed up aren't we. Why do people even question the need for black lives to matter a heck of a lot more. Why am even typing this paragraph in 2016? Sheesh. Everyone needs Black America Again.

It's also catchy and I'm caning that repeat button.

Incidentally, here's the MC Lyte dis track that I think inspired part of this track. That's her voice at the start of Black America Again's second verse.