Nov 13, 2016

What's it going to be then, eh?

Where's my blog been at this past eight days?

Was it shoved into a drawer with all my socks and undies and false moustaches? Did it fall down the back of my sofa along with all the spare change, remote controls and baked beans?

If you must know, I've been making a few life changes. Instead of being a full-time bookseller, I now run events at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, a live venue and archive dedicated to the Manchester author of Clockwork Orange - and 32 other novels.

It's amazing, really. I'd been looking for an opportunity to cut down my hours, then this came along. A Manchester theme - tick. A booky theme - tick. Event wrangling - tick. Operations twaddling - tick. Part-time to allow for further creative gubbins - tick. And although my task is to look beyond Burgess's most famous book, it also helps that Clockwork Orange is my favourite novel.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my first week. It does mean that blogging and podcasting has been relegated to the back benches while I try and give my A-game at the start of a new job. Yeah, all my metaphors will be based on American sports from now on.

I should be able to rediscover a balance this next week. Blogging will be back on track. The podcast will rise again from its audio silence.

I really shouldn't spill baked beans down the back of my furniture.