Nov 15, 2016

Where's the Slam Tent? Here, actually

You when Limmy asks where the "slam tent" is? Like this?

Those south of Hadrian's Wall may not know that the Slam Tent is indeed a real thing at T In The Park. An actual tent. With, er, slamminess in. Here's a video announcing some of its techno delights earlier this year.

The curators of the Slam Tent are uber-chief-mega techno legends Slam, whose label Soma can partly be credited for the early success of Daft Punk. (They were the first people to put out Da Funk on 12", which was then picked up by the Chemical Brothers before Virgin Records swooped in and made it a hit single.)

Glasgow duo Slam are still going strong. Machine Cut Noise is their latest album and I'm pleased to say it hits like a boxer and stings like a butterfly with bees sellotaped on. My favourite track is Viginti Quinque, which is Latinate nod to the age of the Soma label. Here's an excerpt, a word which, incidentally, is from the Latin "to pluck":

Just beautiful. But you want longer stuff than that, don't you? Here's the unrelenting Psalm, a word which is co-incidentally from the Greek "to pluck".

Why am I talking linguistics? I blame Arrival.

Psalm is a little basic in melodic themes but pretty much sets you up for the album. In the Soundcloud comments, someone uses the phrase "fanny baws". Ah Glasgow.

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