Nov 2, 2016

#SaveFabric: listen to Throwing Snow's One For The Booth

Poor November. Stuck between the behemoths of Hallowe'en and Christmas. All it can do is fire rockets at the air in a desperate ploy for attention.

I suspect I'm going to spend most of the month listening to the #SaveFabric compilation, a 111-track album coming out this week to support the campaign against the closure of London's Fabric nightclub. That's right. 111 tracks.

So far, campaigners have gathered a petition with in excess of 150,000, and Fabric have received more than £300,000 in donations to bolster their legal fight. The mega compilation, featuring the likes of µ-Ziq, Skream, Mr C, Machinedrum and Coldcut, was the brainchild of Fabric Records and their in-house label Houndstooth.

Have a listen to Throwing Snow's dancefloor stomper One For The Booth, aka track 104, which sometimes sounds like fireworks being air-gunned from a pipe. Probably. Come on, I had to link back into the November theme somehow.

#SaveFabric is available for download on Thursday.