Nov 27, 2018

A little cat story (it's the story that's little, not the cat)

Total cat drama the other lunchtime.

I'm entering a passageway and a cat approaches. Fusses, strokes, delighted to see me. Could not get a decent photo, as you can see above. Anyway, we're bezzie friends for a good five minutes.

Suddenly, a family appears with an Alsatian the size of the moon, heading towards us. I set off into the passageway and the cat, nervous, follows.

So I'm walking down this passage, the cat walking close with me but looking frantically for a bit of broken fence to escape through as megadog quite cheerily tails us.

And suddenly, there's a moment.

The cat clocks the length of the inescapable passageway. It's heading too far from home. It's trapped. It looks up at me and lets out a frightened mew.

Therefore I did what a lot of cats hate. I scooped up the cat into my arms and stood aside as the humongous hound passes us. The cat buries its face but knows I'm protecting it.

Dog gone, the cat shoots back to the start of the passage, back home to safety. (Had a nice chat with the dog owners as they passed, about how their fifty-foot lump of a dog REALLY likes chasing cats.)

I've always felt a close affinity with pusscats, but that was a weirdly extra-connected vibe.

Never did get a decent pic.

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