Nov 3, 2018

How I tricked the internet with 506 tweets

On Friday, I dropped this tweet bomb.

That's right. Go back to Friday afternoon on my Twitter feed and you'll see 506 consecutive tweets stretching back to the start of the summer, all spelling the acrostic FATROLAND over and over again.

Apart from that woman who did the whole of Bohemian Rhapsody and every other person who's done a similar thing. this is a totally unique experiment.

Why? asked several followers, incredulous at the sheer waste of time and energy.

That's easily answered. Why did King Kong climb Everest? Why did Scott of the Antarctic go to that icy place, can't remember its name. Why did Axl Rose do Chinese Democracy?

Because it was there.

Except it wasn't there. I had to write all the tweets. Nothing was "there". Twitter isn't a mountain or an iceberg or a terrible album. So that metaphor makes no sense.

Of course, I've tricked you again. Go back over this post and you'll find that all the initial letters spell OFIDTTBTRGBTF-- wait, this doesn't make sense either.

Words are difficult.

I'm going to write some more comprehensive thoughts on this, probably as a column for Electronic Sound, but I enjoyed the silliness of this, and the reaction to the reveal was a joy. Nice to have my regular Twitter feed back though.

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