Nov 12, 2018

Eight thoughts, from Aphex Twin's face to the reincarnation of ODB

1. The new Crack magazine has a great Aphex Twin mug shot (pictured), and this interview is matched with some delightfully unwatchable graphics.

2. I went to see Dylan Moran with my mate Ros and he was very funny. He's put me off ducks for life.

3. Scooter's 2003 single Weekend ends with the lines "respect to the man in the ice cream van, over and out", respective references to the KLF singles Justified & Ancient and 3AM Eternal. Two of their many KLF references. (Hat tip: Matthew Cobb)

4. The Designer's Republic, who have done record covers for every important electronic band ever in the whole history of the universe, are running a slightly pricey but very impressive Kickstarter campaign for a new book.

5. Richard Herring's new Stone Clearing podcast is even more ridiculous than his self-playing snooker podcast and you should subscribe to it here.

6. This blog turns 14 tomorrow. It's not an impressive number so I won't be baking a cake. Still, it's as old as Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things.

7. I've got Rhythm Is A Mystery by K-Klass in my head. The "move your body to the rhythm of love" bit. K-Klass really need to have a word with Snap: rhythm's either a mystery or a dancer - it can't be both.

8. Oh and another thing. I learned today that Ol' Dirty B*stard died on the day my blog was launched. I'm not saying this blog is the reincarnation of the Wu Tang legend, but I think questions have to be asked.

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