Aug 6, 2019

#SevenInch diary day five: funnel innovation

I'm pushed for time today, so this latest post in my series of blog posts about my 2019 Edinburgh Fringe show will be expressed in partial thoughts and fleeting emotions.

Time to flyer. Where's that banging coming from? An honour and a joy. I am doing good flyering. What if funnels only went upwards? Excellent eyelashes. I just want my show to start. I want to yawn. That dog is upside down. Why is that guy in my audience reading a newspaper? Oh he's walked out. Slight anxiety. I'm thirsty. That bloke looks so 70s. There is so much chocolate at the bottom of this milkshake. Suppose I'd better do more flyering. Hello wasp. A gameshow that's Pointless but there's no presenters and everyone just stands there. So, so tired. I've only got eight shows to go: I don't want it to end. Eggs. Is that the same wasp? Dog's upside-down again. Oh THATS where that banging's coming from.

THREE gigs today - follow my exploits on Twitter.

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