Aug 1, 2019

#SevenInch diary day one: I nearly broke an audience member

Show one done! Clunk click, what a trip! I've finally brought my show for The Lowry to the Edinburgh Fringe.

It's the day before the Fringe actually starts, so this felt like a preview. It was good to feel out the space, and I'm left with a few improvements for tomorrow which include:

> don't sing the eye-swapping bit
> make sure there's nothing behind Grandmaster Flash and Diana Ross
> find somewhere else for the cake

Not many shows end up with a list like that...

I've made a ridiculous card sandwich board for flyering. People in a shoe shop laughed at me. I popped into a bank later in the day and the clerk asked me if I was that guy from earlier, you know, the one in the stupid tabard.

The lovely Dominic Berry came to my show. A joke about Seal made him laugh so hard, I thought he was going to explode. The most joyful moment of my Fringe so far. Get more joy by seeing his show, starting tomorrow.

This was the first of 13 shows and I'm going to savour every one. Follow my daily Seven Inch exploits here.

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